If the thrill of cruising through the water excites you much like me, then you’ve probably already tried kayaking or something similar. If you haven’t, then I’d highly recommend having a go at it!
There’s something I just recently discovered: the sit on top kayak seat feels and works better for me than the traditional kayak seats!

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What makes it so great?
The sit on top kayak is widely popular for people who want a more comfortable and flexible experience. Compared to the traditional kayak, it provides an avenue for greater mobility and better seat comfort!
This is also a great chance for beginners to try out the activity. It’s far easier to use and poses fewer risks, too!

What is it, actually?
A sit on top kayak looks and is shaped just like a traditional kayak, the only difference is instead of inserting the lower half of your body inside, you only need to position yourself so you’re seated comfortably with your legs slightly extended.sit on top kayak
This form allows improved motion and space for more stuff. Without a hole to insert the body, a sit on top kayak is much just like a boat for one person but it is designed, shaped and works like a kayak.

How better is it compared to a traditional one?
•    For one thing, the seats are really comfy! You’ll feel less strain on your back and the customizable seats also help you get the best seat for your body type.
•    People who are built with larger hips and lower bodies, as well as those with long legs and wider feet,  love this kind of kayak. Sit-inside kayaks hinder movement and also gives the uncomfortable cramped feeling.
•    It’s safer to get out of this kayak, too! A big plus if you ask me – and it’s also lighter and easier to manipulate.
•    Last but definitely not the least; it’s cheaper compared to the others!
So, if you’re looking for a more comfortable, affordable, and safer way then we recommend you check the sit on top kayak out!