dewalt dws 780 miter saw reviewsThere are three basic parameters you must consider to know how to use a miter saw. First one is obviously related to safety (personal, equipment, material and electrical).

Second one is the operational parameter and the third one is the output which closely depends on the second one.

Of course the third parameter also depends on your skill in how to use a miter saw. I also recommend that you read as many 12 inch sliding compound miter saw reviews as you can find.

Safety parameters that determine how to use a miter saw

  • Personal safety can be ensured by wearing the proper face mask, ear plug and safety glasses while operating the tool. Make sure that you have used the right clamps to hold the material on which you are using the tool. Avoid wearing loose clothing and hand gloves.
  • Always use the recommended accessories to ensure personal safety. Avoid standing too close to the tool while working.
  • Check for any damaged parts or accessories before turning off the tool.
  • Make sure of zero kickback on the material or your hands and body from the best 12 sliding compound miter saw while working on it. This can occur even when you try to apply extra pressure on the tool to get your work done faster. Make sure that you are working within the safety limits of the tool. Ensure proper lubrication of the parts. Always use both your hands for operational purposes. Your standing posture should be in vertical alignment with the tool and the material. Avoid cross or parallel posture. Connect the dust bag to its position before you start our work. Keep your work area free from clutter.

Operational parameters that determine how to use a miter saw

  • Always mark the line and angle of cuts on the material before placing it on the work table. You can do it with the help of pencil or marker pen, scale, protractor and other geometrical instruments depending the shape and angle of cutting.
  • Aligning the material with the blade is the first step. You can do it by lifting the blade guard and positioning the blade along one side (left or right) of the cutting line on the material. Release the guard and tighten the clamps on the material.
  • Adjust the table width according to the length material. Most of the times you will be placing the material horizontally with respect to the blade and the table.
  • If you have any angled cuts to be made you need to rotate the blade adjuster to the appropriate angle. Once the required angle is obtained you can tighten the screws on the locking handle.
  • Tighten the bevel hold down clamp and the bevel lock firmly before staring the work. Now you can turn on the tool and proceed with your work.

Output parameters that determine how to use a miter saw

Never work continually on a cutting task for more than 10 minutes. Take a break and see how progress is made. This will help you in making finer adjustments if there are any changes needed. Once you learn the basics of how to use a miter saw, your further tasks become easier.

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